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Photo Retouching and Restoration

Part of calling ourselves "Art House" is that we want to offer more than just photography. We want to offer all aspects of photography, everything under our roof. From specifically capturing your moments to enhancing your moments, we want to make the most of moments we couldn't share with you as well. That is why we are offering our Photo Retouching and Restoration services. It wasn't that long ago that people used film, where images were tangible and not just snapped from phones to be posted digitally to Facebook. Unfortunately, those images deteriorate over time from stains, light exposure, wear and tear, water damage, improper storage, etc., etc. The good news though is not all of that damage is irreversible! In fact most of it can be undone and even improved upon! From the simplest to the worst case scenarios of damages to your photos to simply you wanting to add just a little extra zest to your images...we are here to help you!

How does it work?

You send us your damaged images with your contact info via mail to:

Art House Photography

3959 Forest Ridge Blvd

Dayton Ohio 45424

Or e-mail your damaged images with your contact info to us at:

At that point...

  • we review your images and restoration requests
  • send you a price quote
  • upon approval, your image(s) are processed and updated
  • final image loaded online into password protected gallery
  • an email with link and password is sent your email for final approval and purchase
  • your final image (on CD) along with original ( if sent by mail) are mailed to you in secure packaging.


Minimum    $10 (per image)

  • quick fixes
  • black & white / color
  • minor cosmetic changes / enhancements (blemishes)
  • minor repairs along edges of images such as cracks that don't interfere with subjects of image


Moderate     $30 (per image)

  • color changes
  • moderate / complex cosmetic changes
  • tears, water damage, stains, burns that do not affect subjects of image
  • single subject removal from image


Advanced    $50 (per image)

  • severe damage restoration
  • major cosmetic changes
  • merging of two or more subjects /photos
  • background alterations: enhancements, replacements, removals


Ex: Opening of eye


Ex: Straightening of Tie and Jacket


* Scanning Requirements for e-mail image submission:

Image must be scanned at a minimum of 600 dpi for usable results.

Preferably, image should be scanned at 1200 dpi for best results.

* Please contact for multiple and bulk rate discounts